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History of the Museum

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Welcome to the Maritime Museum of Townsville

In 2001, the museum opened its doors to the public after a year of extensive refurbishment. With Commonwealth Centenary of Federation funding, the resulting 'ship complex' has attracted a great deal of community support. Located on the southern bank of Ross Creek, the boardwalk overlooks the Townsville Motorboat and Yacht Club, while the entrance gate opens out onto Palmer Street's inviting coffee and restaurant strip.

The original museum was begun by the Townsville Harbour Board which is now the Port of Townsville Ltd. Shortly after this the Seafarers Association assumed responsibility to ensure the safe keeping of local maritime cultural history. It was located in the Pier Master's office between berths 4 and 6 at the Townsville port.

To allow for the expanding collection and ease of public access, the building was relocated in 1992 to where it stands today. This was made possible through the generosity of the community, Port of Townsville and Townsville City Council, who remain the museum's major sponsors.

Following the arrival of the Bay Rock lighthouse, the new 'Seafarers' Gallery was opened in 1994. The museum continues to grow.

The new complex opened in August 2001 and has attracted many local, regional and international visitors.

Port Building

Bow Deck
Piermasters Building
Original site of the museum
Piermasters Building On The Move
Museum in Transit